Travelling To The Great Barrier Reef

A Breathtaking Picturesque Scene

The Great Barrier Reef is a must see when visiting the Whitsundays. It is a World Heritage listed site and full of beautiful coral and colourful fish. The Great Barrier Reef is more than 2,300kms long and acts as a ‘barrier’ along the North QLD coast, which shelters the shore. That is how it got its name and this barrier is also the reason that the North QLD shore doesn’t have surf, because it is too protected.

Photo: Cruise Whitsundays.

The Great Barrier Reef is made up of more than 1,400 species of coral and countless numbers of bright tropical fish. You can travel to the Great Barrier Reef through Cruise Whitsundays for approximately $270 per person.

Photo: Cruise Whitsundays.

The Cruise Whitsundays boat can pick you up from Airlie Beach (Port Of Airlie Marina), Hamilton Island or Daydream Island and take you out for a day trip to the reef. Once you arrive, you can go snorkeling with the beautiful local fish as shown above. Or if you aren’t a good swimmer, you can jump in their glass bottom boat which will take you past the reef. Cruise Whitsundays will also provide you with a delicious lunch while you are out there, which is catered for by a local seafood restaurant.

There is also an underwater observatory, guided scuba diving tours and helicopter scenic flights available!

To book a trip to the Great Barrier Reef, please call Whitsunday Vacations on 0482797767 or email