The Whitsunday’s New Underwater Sculptures

Diving The Great Barrier Reef has always been on the bucket list for so many people over the years. It’s with good reason too, in a few words, it’s simply AMAZING! The warm water, spectacular fish life, diverse coral and colourful fish species make for an ecosystem that leaves many in awe. The year-round diving options make it such a distinct location. Even if the weather’s not perfect, it’s possible to find protected areas to dive within the reef. For this reason (unless your a surfer) North Queensland is such a great place to enjoy the ocean. The Great Barrier Reef offers so much protection from the swell giving better visibility for divers. 

The Whitsundays took a battering from cyclone Debbie in March 2017 and the reef was no exception. Since that time a lot of recovery has taken place and the reef is bouncing back better than ever. A big community effort has been committed to rejuvenating the local reef and the results are showing. New reef culturing projects have been in place for some time which is proving to be successful.

To complement this work an exciting new project has been established in the Whitsundays. Six underwater sculptures have been created and placed locally around the islands with 1 planned for Bowen. These sculptures will be easily accessible for the enjoyment of locals and tourists. The sculptures will be easier to access than the reef and can be enjoyed by divers, snorkelers or even from a boat on lower tides. The new installation of the underwater art sculptures is an exciting project that will be a major drawcard for those who love art and the ocean. Underwater art has been a growing trend proving a popular tourist attraction. Several artists have provided the designs which include Manta Rays, Maori Wrasse and a giant turtle.

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