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Support Local Businesses & Holiday Here This Year

Photo: Whitsunday Vacations.

Calling all Whitsunday locals! Tourism Whitsundays CEO Tash Wheeler has said that now is the time for the local Whitsunday community to help support local businesses.

“Before you consider going away for your next holiday, consider having a world-class holiday right here in your backyard. We can all play a positive role in keeping our local business doors open & people employed during this time,” Ms Wheeler said.

“We are all going through this unprecedented crisis; we need to stick together, unite, and collaborate to get through this. Whether that be a road trip throughout the region and exploring somewhere you’ve not been before, or a long-lunch and delicious cocktails in one of our many restaurants,” Ms Wheeler said.

“Support local businesses and holiday here this year,” Ms Wheeler said.

Photo: Whitsunday Vacations.

Step One – Holiday Here This Year

Nine cruise ships have been cancelled that were planned to dock in the Whitsundays over the next 30 days, so now is the time to support our local tourism businesses.

If you are planning a holiday in 2020, why not explore our own backyard? Most people who live in the Whitsundays hardly ever travel out to the Great Barrier Reef or explore our islands. However, most locals travel overseas for a holiday at least once a year. So why don’t we explore the Whitsundays instead?

You can hire a yacht and sail around the Whitsundays to explore paradise while being completely isolated. We have 74 islands for you to choose from for you to discover. You can pull up at any beach, go snorkeling at any reef or go fishing off the back of the boat. The best part about it, is that boating licenses and qualifications are NOT a requirement for charter hire.

If you are looking to getaway for the weekend, why not go camping on an island? Scamper is a locally owned and operated business that can drop you off to twelve locations spread throughout the Whitsunday Islands, where you can camp for as long as you like! They also provide camping equipment that you can hire.

Or if you are looking for an easy luxurious holiday, why not book a holiday home through whitsundayvacations.com.au and spend a relaxing weekend with your friends and family beside a pool with ocean views? You don’t need to travel overseas to experience a relaxing getaway. Everything you need, you can find here in the Whitsundays!

Step Two – Share Photos Of The Whitsundays

Make sure you share your photos on social media from your latest fishing trip or adventure around the Whitsunday Islands. This will help let your friends and family know that the Whitsundays is a holiday destination that you can drive to if you live in Australia. So there is no need to hop on a plane, you can just jump in the car and go for a road trip! It is important that we as a community showcase the Whitsundays, so that people #HolidayHereThisYear

Photo: Whitsunday Vacations.

Step Three – Shop Local

Always shop local, stop buying products online. With every product that you buy online, a local business is missing out on that sale and that income. Our local businesses need our support because they also have staff to pay and families to support. Most of the time, you will find that our local businesses (e.g. BCF) will match the price of a product advertised online. Therefore you are saving money on shipping, while also supporting local businesses.

When you go to buy your groceries next, try and buy your food from your local small supermarket. These are usually family owned and operated, like IGA in Jubilee Pocket or Proserpine, so you are supporting local families.

Looking to update your wardrobe? Shop in a store with a door. There are many clothes stores spread throughout the Whitsundays, from Whitsunday Plaza (Beachworx, Best & Less, Rockmans, Zelows & BCF) to the main street of Airlie Beach (Airllywood, Lotus Boutique Fashion, City Beach, Go Girl, Cotton On, Jay Jays, Rip Curl & Reef Goddess Boutique). When you shop local, you can try clothes on to make sure you get the right size and you can take them home that day! You don’t have to wait a week or two for it to arrive in the mail, only to be disappointed with the size or fit. When you shop local, you will be 100% happy with the items you are purchasing before buying them and if you change your mind, you can always take it back and return it at the store.

Step Four – Support Local Brands

Try to buy local brands. Did you know that Whitsunday Dairy Fresh supply fresh milk to our area? Or if you are looking for fresh fruit and vegetables, why not check out The Prickly Pineapple at Whitsunday Plaza.

Step Five – Spread The Word

Share this article as much as you can, to spread the word about supporting local businesses and holidaying here this year. Keep a positive mindset and focus on the good. Our community can and will overcome any obstacle if it sticks together and stays positive. Make sure to use the hashtag #HolidayHereThisYear and let everyone know that the Whitsundays is still and always will be open for business.

“Challenges are what makes life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes our community strong.” — Whitsunday Vacations.

Photo: Whitsunday Vacations.

Info Source: Whitsunday Times & Tourism Whitsundays.

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