Getting Around The Whitsundays

Below is a list of ways to make it easy for you to travel around and explore the Whitsundays.


If you are staying in Airlie Beach, you can just about walk everywhere. The main street of Airlie Beach is only around 700m long, which is where most shops, bars and restaurants are located. Below are two maps of the Airlie Beach Main Street which shows everywhere that you can walk to.

Airlie Beach Main Street Facing Towards Cannonvale.
Airlie Beach Main Street Facing Towards Mandalay.

If you are staying in Cannonvale, you can walk to Airlie Beach via the Boardwalk, which is a wooden walkway that follows the coastline from Cannonvale Beach to Airlie Beach. The first stretch of this Boardwalk between Cannonvale Beach and Peninsula Apartments is only 1.25km long and the picturesque views over the ocean are breathtaking, especially when the sun is setting.

The Boardwalk that runs from Cannonvale Beach to Peninsula Apartments. Photo: RV Trips.

From the Peninsula Apartments, you can continue your walk along a concrete path past Shingley Beach to the Coral Sea Marina which is only 1km away. Then the wooden Boardwark starts up again at the end of the marina near Sorrento Resturant & Bar and continues along the coastline for another 250m through to Coral Sea Resort. Once you reach this resort, it is only another 500m walk down Broadwater Avenue past the Airlie Beach Lagoon, until you reach the Main Street of Airlie Beach. Below is a map of the Airlie Beach Boardwalk which is around 3km in total. The Boardwalk is an easy flat walk which is popular for locals, especially on a Saturday morning when the Airlie Beach Parkrun is on.

Hire A Bike

If you don’t like walking or you are looking for a quick and cheap way to travel around Airlie Beach, why not hire a pushbike! Click here for more information on hiring a bike.

Hire A Car Or Scooter

The easiest way to be able to explore the Whitsundays is by hiring your own car or scooter. That way you can travel anywhere, like to the beaches or cinema in Bowen, the waterfront drive at Hideaway Bay or to the Coral Beach bushwalk at Shute Harbour. If you hire your own car or scooter, your options are endless. Click here for more information on hiring a car or scooter.

Catch A Taxi

There are two taxi ranks in the Airlie Beach Main Street. Or if you see one driving by, you can usually flag it down. Otherwise you can call up and book a taxi to pick you up from your accommodation and drop you to wherever you need to go. Click here for more information on catching a taxi.

Jump In A Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuks are a fun and easy way to travel around Airlie Beach. A Tuk Tuk is a small carriage towed by a pushbike, so someone pedals you around! Click here for more information on how to hire a Tuk Tuk, or if you see one riding by feel free to flag them down!

Catch A Bus

The Whitsundays have buses running throughout each day which can pick you up and drop you off to Proserpine, Cannonvale, Airlie Beach, Jubilee Pocket, Shute Harbour and everywhere in between. Click here for more information on catching a bus.

Travelling To The Whitsunday Island Resorts

If you are wanting to travel to one of our island resorts at Daydream Island or Hamilton Island, you will need to catch a ferry. Cruise Whitsundays provide island transfers throughout each day which pick you up from the Port Of Airlie Marina. Click here for more information on ferry times and prices.

Exploring The Whitsunday Islands

Scamper is a locally owned and operated boat which can pick you up with your hiking or camping gear and drop you to one of our local islands for you to explore. You have the option of visiting the island for the day, or some of our islands offer camping grounds where you can stay the night. Click here for more information on exploring our Whitsunday islands.

Hire A Yacht

The best way to see exactly what the Whitsundays has to offer is to hire your own yacht or catamaran and sail or motor around the islands. No licence is required and it is an easy and fun way to explore the Whitsundays. Click here for more information on hiring a yacht.

Travelling To Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach is one of the most popular destinations to visit in the Whitsundays and once you go there, you will see exactly why that is. It’s pristine silica sands and turquoise waters will take your breath away, there is no place like it on earth. If you have your own boat, you can travel to Whitehaven Beach with your friends and family. Or if you hire a boat as discussed above, you can also pull up anywhere you want along Whitehaven Beach. However, if you don’t have your own boat and you aren’t looking at hiring one, you can easily jump on a tour boat and cruise out to Whitehaven Beach for the day. Click here for more information on booking a tour to Whitehaven Beach.

Travelling To The Great Barrier Reef

Airlie Beach is the heart of The Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef is located 80km offshore from Airlie Beach, so travelling to the reef will take up most of your day. Cruise Whitsundays offer day trips to the reef, along with lunch and snorkelling equipment, so you will get to see some our Whitsunday tropical fish. Click here for more information on exploring The Great Barrier Reef.