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Exploring the Whitsundays With A Jet Ski

Rebecca Hales took this amazing photo while on an adventure with six jet skis exploring the Great Barrier Reef.

When exploring the Whitsunday Islands with a jet ski, you will be spoilt for choice with 74 islands to choose from! As long as the weather is permitting, you can pull up your jet ski just about anywhere!

You don’t have to worry about it being low tide, because a jet ski is small and light, so you can ride along in the shallows. It is also easy to maneuver around the rocks and reefs in small places, and you can pull up at almost any beach.

So go ahead, jump on board and explore the Whitsunday coastline!

Rebecca Hales took this photo while exploring the Whitsundays.

Morne du Rand from the local Whitsunday Jet Ski Club recently organised a trip with friends and headed south from Hamilton Island to explore the Lindeman group of islands in the Whitsundays.

Whitsunday Powersports tagged along and they shared these stunning drone shots of their recent trip, and what a beautiful day it was. Clear turquoise waters, rocky shores, untamed bush land and private sandy beaches. Where else would you rather spend your weekend?

The local Whitsunday Jet Ski Club on Maher Island, looking across to Shaw Island.
Photo: Whitsunday Powersports

The Lindeman Group is located 35km south-east of Shute Harbour and it is made up of Shaw Island, Mansell Island, Keyser Island, Gaibirra Island, Maher Island and Lindeman Island. There is also over ten named reefs surrounding these islands which make outstanding secluded snorkeling spots.

Jared Leaman is snapped relaxing on a beach on Shaw Island in the Whitsundays.
Jared Leaman from Whitsunday Powersports relaxing on an exclusive beach on Shaw Island.

Consisting of mostly National Park, the Lindeman group of islands have multiple beaches, mountains, walking tracks and camping spots. You can book a campsite at Boat Port or Neck Bay on the Queensland National Parks website.

Aboriginal people refer to Lindeman Island as Yara-kimba, the place of snapper-bream fish.

Lindeman Island was one of the first Whitsunday islands to be developed, but the resort is no longer operational. The new island owner is currently planning to build a luxury Whitsunday resort. To keep updated on their progress, check out their website http://lindeman.net.au/.

Jared Leaman was among a group of nine jetskiers who explored Shaw Island in the Whitsundays at the weekend.
The Whtisunday Jet Ski Club with eight jet skis exploring Shaw Island in the Whitsundays.
Photo: Whitsunday Powersports .

Jet skis allow you to get up close and personal with the pristine beaches, untouched coastlines, breathtaking reefs and spectacular wildlife that call the Whitsundays home.

Josh Mathewson hanging out with a Manta Ray on a jet ski off Hayman Island.

So if you are looking for a unique way to explore the Whitsundays, why not jump on a jet ski! You will get to feel the salty breeze rush past your face and blow your hair wild, the warm water of the Coral Sea will splash against your feet and excitement will fill your stomach as you ride up and down on the Whitsunday waves.

Morne du Rand on his jet ski. Morne even has his own Youtube channel to capture his adventures, click here to check it out.
Photo: Shared by Whitsunday Powersports.
Photo: Shared by Whitsunday Powersports.

If you own your own jet ski, Whitsunday Powersports can service or repair any personal watercraft to make sure that it is ready for your next Whitsunday adventure.

If you don’t own a jet ski, there are jet ski tours available throughout the Whitsundays. To book a jet ski tour, contact Kate on 0482797767 or whitsundayvacations@raywhite.com

After you come back from your jet ski adventure, you will need somewhere to sit back and relax for the night, so make sure to book your accommodation at whitsundayvacations.com.au

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